Pocket Mortys Quests

Pocket Mortys Quests

There are list of Quests that available in Pocket Morty, By using the morty quests, you can easy to recharge your mortys. When you have compressed the risks you will get the region quests. By this side quest you can easy to recharge your battery. The pocket Mortys quests only for use as a recharge your battery means that you leave more.

There are nineteen different quests are available in this Pocket Morty game. When you have used the quest completely in the battleground and you can level up your mega stone and you may get other helpful weapons to you from the other ricks or players.

Previously we told you that there are many Pocket Mortys Quests in the game but many players don’t know all about pocket morty quests that how to use and how it’s works. So here we are trying to describe it. Let’s see below more information about Pocket Mortys Quests.

Pocket Mortys Quests

All Pocket Morty Quests List

3 The Broken Rickmote Jerry Battery
Supercharged Battery
Attack Mega Seed
4 Rick staring the Balance Doofus Rick Plutonic Rock
Pure Plutonic Rock
Sensational Serum
6 Feeling Rick charged Robot Rick Supercharged Battery
Microverse Battery
Level Up Mega Seed
8 New Chef in the Rickchen Masy Kallerax Purified Fleeb Level 5 Egg Morty
10 A Rick and His Morty The Scientist Known as Rick Dog Collar 500 Schmeckles
12 A Matter of Rick or Death Four Eye Rick Dark Energy Ball Battery
Bacteria Cell
Turbulent Juice Tube
14 Rickbooting a New Life Robot Rick Motherboard Level Up Mega Seed
16 This Rick Must Fly Dandy Rick Dark Matter Ball Morty Manipulator Chip
18 The Love Ricktor Jerry Love Potion Mr Meeseeks Box
20 Just in the Rick of Time Flargo Time Crystal 1200 Schmeckles
22 The Ricktatorship Bluu Robot
Butter Robot
Gwendolyn Doll
Attack Mega Seed
Defense Mega Seed
Speed Mega Seed
24 Catastrophe of the 4th Kind Humox 5 Neutrino Bomb Sensational Serum
Pure Serum
26 Rick Around the Clock Flargo Time Stabilizing Collar Pure Halzinger
Pure Plutonic Rock
28 Butter Me Up Rick Jerry Butter Robot Mutant Bacteria Cell
30 Ricktelligence Quotient Doofus Rick IQ Enhancing Helmet 2x Level Up Mega Seed
32 The Cable Rick Baloogy Mellow Interdimensional Cable Box Morty Manipulator Chip
Mr Meeseeks Box
34 Behind Every Lover, There is a Rick Guard Rick Gwendolyn Doll 2000 Schmeckles
36 The Rick In Me is a Rick In You Jerry Interdimensional Goggles Purified Fleeb
Pure Serum
Pure Halzinger
38 Dude, Where’s My Rick? Dandy Rick Microverse Battery Blips and Chitz Coupon
40 Virtual Rickality Mascot Morty Roy VR Headset Level 35 Mascot Morty

Pocket Mortys Quests List & Guide For How To Use

Here in this way we gone a show you how to use Pocket Mortys Quests and power up your Pocket Mortys. The lists of Pocket Mortys Quests are below listed. In this article, you are going learn one by one about quests. From these nineteen quests, you can choose and use it as a recharge your battery.

1. The Broken Rick Mote:

  • You need two badges to get this
  • Chat up clueless dad Jerry
  • He will ask you the battery to fix to his remote
  • You will get an attack mega seed reward

2. Rickstoring The Balance:

  • You need four badges to get this
  • Doofus Rick will come to you
  • He will ask plutonic rock
  • He will reward by giving you sensational serum

3. Feeling Rick Charged

  • To get this you need six badges
  • Mechanical robot Rick will come to you
  • He will ask you super charged battery
  • In consideration, he will give you level up mega seed

4. New Chef In The Rickchen

  • To get this you need eight badges
  • Masy kallerax will come to you
  • He will ask you purified fleeb
  • If you give him that he will give an egg morty

5.Rick And His Morty

  • To get this you need ten badges
  • Rick is popularly known as scientist will come to you
  • He will ask you a simple dog collar
  • In consideration to that, he will give you  500 schmeckles.

6. A Matter Of Rick Or Death

  • To get this you need 12 badges
  •  Four eye rick will come to you
  • He will ask you dark energy ball
  • In return to that, he will give you FleebBatteryTurbulent Juice Tube, and a Bacteria Cell.

7. Rickbooting a New Life

  • To get this you need 14 badges
  • Robot rick will come to you
  • He will ask you mother board
  • You will get a level up mega seed from him

8. This Rick Must Fly

  • To get this you need 16 badges
  • Dandy Rick will come to you
  • He will ask you dark matter ball 
  • You will get morty manipulator chip from him

9. The Love Ricktor

  • To get this you need 18 badges
  •  Jerry   will come to you
  • He will ask you love potion
  • You will get mr.meeseeks box from him

10. Just In The Rick Of Time

  • To get this you need 20 badges
  • Flargo will come to you
  • He will ask you time crystal
  • You will get  1200 shmeckles from him

11. The Ricktatorship

  • To get this you need 22  badges
  •  Bluu will come to you
  • He will ask you robot
  • You will get attack, defence and speed mega seeds  from him

12. Ricktastrophe Of  The 4th Kind

  • To get this you need 24 badges
  • Humox 5 will come to you
  • He will ask you neutrino bomb
  • You will get sensational serum and pure serum from him

13.Rick Around The Clock

  • To get this you need 26 badges
  • Flargo will come to you
  • He will ask you time stabilizing collar
  • You will get pure halzinger and pure plutonic rock from him

14. Butter Me Up Rick

  • To get this you need 28 badges
  • Jerry  will come to you
  • He will ask you  butter robot 
  • You will get Mutant Bacteria Cell from him

15. Ricktelligence Quotient

  • To get this you need 30 badges
  • Doofus Rick will come to you
  • He will ask you iq enhancing helmet
  • You will get two level up mega seeds from him

16.The Cable Rick

  • To get this you need 32 badges
  • Ballogy Mellow will come to you
  • He will ask you Interdimensional Cable Box
  • You will get Mr.Meeseeks Box and One Other Random Item from him

17. Behind Every Lover, There Is A Rick

  • To get this you need34 badges
  • Guard Rick  will come to you
  • He will ask you Gwendolyn Doll
  • You will get 2000 shmeckles from him

18. The Rick In Me Is A Rick In You

  • To get this you need 36 badges
  • Jerry will come to you
  • He will ask you Interdimensional  Goggles
  • You will get  from him Purified Fleeb,Pure Serum and Halzinger

19. Dude, Where Is My Rick

  • To get this you need 38 badges
  • Dandy Rick  will come to you
  • He will ask you Microverse Battery
  • You will get  from him Blips And Chitz Coupon

That’s it.

We have also collected the best informative list on Pocket Mortys Guide, you can easy to get all idea about it now. Also, the Pocket Mortys Recipes and Pocket Morty Combine it’s very helpful every day of Pocket Mortys game to play

There is all above list of Pocket Mortys Quests, which let you can use as recharge your battery power on the game. If any query about Pocket Mortys for Pocket Mortys Quests then without any hassle you can comment your query below the section and enjoy the game.

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